Fried Chicken Crisco Spice & Cornbread Makes It All Nice Day

Hi Everybody! You can almost smell the chicken frying in the iron skillet, can’t you!!! Today is July 6, Fried Chicken Crisco Spice & Cornbread Makes It All Nice day!

Growing up in a Baptist home and my dad was the Pastor, you can just guess what people made when they invited us over for Sunday dinner? You are right! Fried Chicken each and every time.

For years I would be sick for days on end, but we didn’t know why. We finally realized that chicken all those years on a Sunday and during the week at home was what made me ill. For some reason my body could not handle the rich flavor.

It makes me laugh because the one food item I first learned to make for our supper when I got married was Fried Chicken!

My parents have always asked for my Fried Chicken Supper! For a surprise over the years I would start frying it up and I could hear mom and dad whispering in the other room. Then they would peak around the corner with big smiles and say, “Is that your chicken we smell frying?” Great memories that fill my heart with joy but makes a bit of tears appear.

A few weeks ago, our youngest daughter came over with Chicken and Jiffy Cornbread Mix. Oh My Goodness Y’all I love the sweet tasting crunch. We fried the Chicken in Crisco and added some seasonings. We had us a Fried Chicken Crisco Spice & Cornbread Makes It All Nice Day!!!

Fried Chicken Day Recipe:

.Chicken Legs And Thighs, Rinse and Pat Dry

.Three Jiffy Cornbread Mix (Or More Depending On How Much Chicken You Need To Fry)


.Garlic Powder

.Sweet Spanish Paprika

.Black Pepper

.Poultry Seasoning

If you have a giant iron skillet, I suggest you slowly warm that Crisco up! Take you rinsed and patted dry chicken and place in a large baggy full of Jiffy Cornbread Mix. Coat your chicken good!

Take a bit of water on your fingertips and splash the skillet. If it bubbles, taking in the water drops you are ready to place your chicken meat bony side down. For your chicken legs, carefully turn to brown all sides.

For this Fried Chicken Day Recipe, sprinkle your chicken pieces with these seasonings listed above. Plus, use spices you love to add some flare of your own!

Put a lid on your iron skillet, making sure your oil is not too hot. Adjust the temp so your Fried Chicken Day Recipe is frying nicely. Fry it up for 10-15 minutes, then gently turn your chicken over to brown to a pleasing crunch!

A meat thermometer is great to have! Chicken should be at or above 165 Degrees when tested with the meat thermometer and the juice should run clear when pierced with a knife or meat fork.

Enjoy your Fried Chicken Day with friends and family!! Bye Everybody!

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