My Fav Fav Favorite Meal


With a sweet moment and a cherished moment xoxo

Anyone and everyone that loves me knows that a HAMBURGER is my absolute favorite meal! I do not care for bread all that much or at least bread does not always treat me good, SO I lovingly us lettuce (I prefer Romaine Lettuce Leaves) to wrap the hamburger, mayo, onion and tomato! In this meal I added mushrooms and onions to the side.

One of my favorite dishes since I was young was and is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! This dish brings back all of my childhood and enjoying this tasty treat with my dad after everyone left the table 💓

Just One of My Favorite Burger Recipes-

Ground Chuck cooked in a skillet of a tab of butter and olive oil and a bit of water with the lid on tight! I add garlic powder, pepper and worcestershire sauce on both sides letting the first side of the burger brown up almost to the top! I try to smash my burger at this point and would love to master getting the crispy browned edges but for now this is where I am. I welcome any HELPFUL TIPS! There are times I add a dry onion soup mix to my burger or garlic powder and cumin with green onions across the top when my burger is done 🙂

My sweet moment-My husband each weekend tries to get me a burger and fries from Red Robin or Wendys! At Red Robin I can get my burger wrapped in lettuce but usually when I go out my stomach does good with bread if I tear most of it away and drown it in fries and soda 😂🤣

My cherished moment-My dad always said how he knew I loved my Kraft mac-n-cheese and so did he xoxoxo my sweet daddy in heaven!

Happy Eating and Have a Wonderful weekend from all of us here in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on New O’Hana Farm, TN

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