Farmhouse Laundry Room

Cute And Sassy Look For A Small Laundry Room

This is the Cranberry Cream Wall And I LOVE The Brick Wall


We wanted to update our old laundry room by building up the floor. You had to step down into the room and the washer and dryer were up on their own platform. We kept talking about beginning the process and when our water heater began to leak, we knew it was time! He took out cabinets that were above the water heater. On that same wall we now have a shelf for extra cleaning products and bug sprays. There is a nice rod to hang wash and wear straight from the dryer. I also have a shelf to put stacks of clothes as they are being folded.

Not quite to the Sassy Look because this adorable room needs some great laundry room quotes! But definitely a Cute Look for our small laundry room.

We still need to paint the rest of the wall pink in areas and do touch up on the white paint. Gary is going to frame out the door and stain the wood. The carpet matches with the new Reading Room and helps keep the noise down when I am washing and drying clothes.

I originally thought I wanted to paint the room a happy sunshine yellow. But I love pink! I didn’t want all the walls pink because Gary worried it would blend right in with my pink desk and pink worktable that is beside the laundry room. We decided to paint the side wall and the shelves above the washer and dryer Cranberry Cream!! The other walls and ceiling are now a more subdued white. The red bricks got a fun brush of paint to show off the Classy Look!

I had a Great Time putting all the cleaning products back on the shelves!!! Instead of just plopping them up there, I looked for cute containers, a basket and a crate to help organize! I Love My Laundry Room 🙂 Happy Laundry Day from all of us here in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on New O’Hana Farm, TN

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