Why You Want An English Bulldog

Loyal Members of the Family

Not to mention they are always by your side loving, protecting, cuddling and yes, snoring. Ever gentle with children and the elderly. Extremely smart. Add in a bit of stubborn, wrinkles and those precious eyes and you have the most adorable baby in the world!!!

There are Important Daily Must Do’s to help your English Bulldog stay clean and healthy. Wipe along, around and in all those wrinkles on their face, nose, gently wipe the eyes and get inside and clean their ears. We live on a farm and our two English Bulldogs, Daisy and Liley are always chasing new smells around in the field and barn. They have a constant stain that I know is clean and it may not look perfect but I know I am doing my absolute best to keeping them clean.

We have a Blue Heeler/Collie named Oreo too! Precious babies! We constantly check all our pups for Ticks!! A Definite Daily Must Do.

English Bulldogs can not bend all around and keep themselves clean. We take Unscented Baby Wipes for the face, ears, belly, girly areas and the their bottoms. No other way to say, but poo gets caught on those short tails and needs to be kept clean so they can have productive bowel movements all day.

*AND* We take our fur babies to the Vet. We do not miss an appointment. They show and give their love unconditionally and we spoil and show our love continually in keeping them clean, well feed and up to date on shots and medicine.

Lord willing! We will be having a litter of puppies in May, 2023 Not only is there a lot of time and commitment put into each puppy but all the love we can give because they are always part of our family and in our hearts XoXo Paws & Kisses from all of us in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee on New O’Hana Farm, TN :)Daisy, Oreo & Liley

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