Early 2022

Looking Back For Fun

Comparing last January 2022 to 2023 we had a beautiful amount of snow. We could hear the quiet all around. Peaceful beginning to a nice year.

This year 2023 is a lot of sunshine now rain and we have been very sick! The house has been cleaned with the dreaded Brown Lysol (if you use this, please dilute and wear gloves) We wanted to end the year with family close and celebrating the birth of Jesus. We are very thankful we had our Christmas Celebration earlier in December.

As I type, the rain has cleared for a bit and the sun is forcing her gorgeous face through the clouds for a little peak! Now might be the perfect time to rest with a book in a precious gift of sunshine in January. We are trying to move forward with work and normal activity, but still feel under the weather.

To pass the time when we could not sleep, but needed to take our mind off of being sick, we watched mystery movies and cooking shows together. Our pups worried about us, too cute, and loved snuggling up with us.

It was not easy looking at a computer, phone or book. Our suggestions are Garage Sale Mystery~Aurora Teagarden Mystery~Crossword Puzzle Mystery~ on HALLMARK. Jacques Pepin Cooking Show on YOUTUBE. Somebody Feed Phil on NETFLIX. Mozart on PANDORA.

I’m sure there are some pretty cool suggestions from someone out there that we could Binge Watch. Prayers for everyone that we are at the end of being sick and can jump into this year 2023 excited to conquer old and new projects, read and write great books, travel and meet new people, be good witnesses for the Lord, eat good food with family, and end this year happy and healthy!

May this be an Amazing New Year for everyone! :)Jen

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