New Library

Super Excited!!!

From the photos you can see we have a new library! My husband worked hard surprising me with the idea and getting it done before all the holidays. The heading says how I feel about this addition to our home. I am Super Excited! I love libraries, bookstores, book sales, seeing new books on the shelves, wondering what story lies within.

My love for books started when I was ready for 2nd Grade. I had struggled to put letters together, spelling them out, having a hard time making them into words. After that though, Wow! I was hungry to read and I remember my parents surprising me with books that I couldn’t wait to get home from school to find out what was happening with my favorite characters.

Several times my husband has heard me mention I wish we had a library in our home. And now I do! Here is our very own place to put all our books and cozy up in our reading areas and enjoy reading.

Super Excited! There’s those words again. (I love saying Super Excited now and may have to say it all the time) We’ve been going to bookstores, libraries, and a mile long yard sale in our town, Watertown, Tennessee looking for cool books to begin filling up the shelves.

What cool library do you have in your home? We hope this inspires you to pick up your favorite book and start reading. Make some space for new books and Happy Reading from all of us here in Watertown, TN on New O’Hana Farm, TN!

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