January 2, 2022

Looking at my thousands of photos becomes overwhelming. The need to delete blurry and repeat pics is weighing heavily on not only myself, but my poor computer. Out in the Universe is a Fat Overweight Cloud that I have overstuffed! Visions appear in my imagination of an angry cloud hovering over our home and dumping all my photos out 🙂 Going to the beginning of this year, memories surface of grandkids praying for snow and prayers answered! Daisy, our English Bulldog hesitated to join in the fun, but once she did, look out!! Here you can see her and her Sissy Oreo, our Blue Heeler having a great time like the kids were having. Even I enjoyed being outside in the cold, although I am a hot weather girl. Paws & Kisses from all of us here on New O’Hana Farm, TN located in beautiful Watertown, Tennessee xoxoxo

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