Favorite Old Photos


To All Our Special Memories We Hold Dear In Our Heart XO May We Never Lose Them

My dad and me! I’m Super Proud of him ❤

This photo deserves special mention because it holds a dear place in my heart. Here I am “helping” my dad make a Snowman at our home in Brownsburg, Indiana. It seems right to share to follow my previous post SNOW. Big smiles and great times.

I remember patting down the Snowman and seeing the snow crust up on my mittens. The purple coat was one of my warmest and I believe had big gold buttons. The hat was my mom’s and so maybe this was actually a Snowgirl 🙂 Closing my eyes, I wish to dream tonight of this very scene and hear our laughter and conversation and feel my dad close to me.

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Hello and welcome to New O'Hana Farm TN. We are located in central Tennesee, in a beautiful valley east of Nashville. This farm has been a dream for us, and we are proud to share it with all of our family and friends. Come along and join in on the events, the opportunities, and the fun on our farm!

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