Did You Know?-Reasons English Bulldogs Snore


Our newest member of the family, 16 Week Old Liley, wins the award for Loudest Snoring at every nap and during the night! Here is a video with a sample of the “music” that comes from her cute smushy face!

How they are laying and position their head while snoring is sure to bring on the snores and Liley delivers every time. Allergies can contribute to snoring. Anything and everything English Bulldogs push that shorter snout in to in the yard can stay in their face wrinkles.

Wiping the creases above and around their nose and eyes every time they come in really helps keep that airway free of dirt, pollen and debris. You might be surprised how filthy that baby wipe or soapy soft cloth will be after cleaning their face and neck. Don’t forget to wipe out their ears!! We suggest Huggies Unscented Baby Wipes and Johnson & Johnson Soap on a clean cloth every time.

Paws & Kisses Have a blessed day! :)Jen

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