Did We Take A Break From Puppies?

NO! We are Just Getting Started! Woohoo!!!

We are having meetings, making lists, and getting organized for future little precious wiggly softer and cuter than anything babies! The white board is being used as we redesign their nursery. Yes, we SPOIL Our Pups and Puppies Rotten 🙂

Posts of our experiences in:

Daily Complete Care and Nightly Complete Care

are on their way! We are very blessed to raise these puppies to a certain age for their future families!! SHOUT OUT TO ALL Y’ALL WHO SUPPORTED US! Yay!!!!! Thank you!

What a Tremendous First Litter AKC English Bulldog Raising Experience we had! We could not have done this without love and encouraging words from everyone! Thank you! PAWS & KISSES From The New Family on New O’Hana Farm, TN

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