Nostalgia:April 27,2022

Puppy love! Paws AND Kisses

Even though the hours awake have stretched almost forever, and I have been told “You will never get back those hours of sleep. Period.” I will do this all over again! I LOVE raising these babies in Watertown, Tennessee!!! XoXoXo :)Jen

Hi! Iโ€™m Jennifer And We Are New Oโ€™Hana Farm, TN English Bulldogs

Just thought we could start doing a few videos to give everyone an idea of how we care for and play with our first litter of English Bulldogs :)Jen

Puppy Amusement Park

Here At New Oโ€™Hana Farm, TN We Decided To Try Something New With Our 8 week Old English bulldog puppies! Their Second Play Area Is In Our Family Room. We Have Constructed Some Ramps And Crates To Hide In And Around. There Is a Rolling Cart They Can Climb To a Couple Of Levels. They played so hard they just fell asleep!!

They Played For About 45 Minutes and Momma (Daisy) and Their Auntie Oreo (Blue Heeler Collie Mix) Ran Around the Cages Playing With Them. It Was So Fun To Watch As They Just Tuckered Themselves Out.