Little Baby To Big Baby:A Sweet Story To Share

A Huge WooHoo to Slinky Dog and Mickey! WOOHOO!!! These brothers are 5 weeks old this past Wednesday. They are a sweet pair and have a sweet story worth sharing.

As you might notice, Mickey is a big boy, and then there is Slinky Dog. He is much smaller and has just mastered using his back legs. He could not by any means keep up with Mickey, but he did not let this hold him back. He pulled himself around with his front legs and being a momma of course I started worrying because us girls can’t worry enough!!! LOL isn’t that right?! 🙂

Then Slinky Dog began to skate with his back legs! YAY! This whole time Mickey slept with Slinky Dog. Checked on Slinky Dog. And, let Slinky Dog nurse right beside him and as he used his front paws to bring forth more milk, Slinky Dog began to mimic his brother.

They are quite the pair and my prayer is these 2 gentle pups find their new homes, whether together or apart, that may they never forget each other! Paws and Kisses :)Jen

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