Five day old chickens, they grow up so fast!

Our baby chickens are a week old!!! No birthday party, but we are excited that we have not lost any chicks and they are so happy and growing. Spring is so much fun on the farm. Hope you are enjoying your spring time!

Winter Go Away:How Does An English Bulldog Enjoy Winter?

BY GOING INSIDE! There is talk of snow and rain this Saturday. “Who’s happy about this?” “Me?” You ask. “No. Do I look happy?!” There are the “others” 🙂 who enjoy the icy cold white stuff on the ground! LOL

Playing Outside on Our Walk

Our evening walks have been as of late, interrupted by Daisy and Oreo having far too much fun!! The goal is to walk 1-mile an evening while the sun is setting. It sounds easy, until the girls decide to make it play time. The spring flowers blooming in the grass were a wonderful bed to…

Baby Chicks Have Arrived!!!

New O’Hana Farm TN Baby Chicks Have Arrived!!!Learn the Steps to Care for Your Day Old Precious Little Peeps of Fluff!