Playing Outside on Our Walk

Our evening walks have been as of late, interrupted by Daisy and Oreo having far too much fun!! The goal is to walk 1-mile an evening while the sun is setting. It sounds easy, until the girls decide to make it play time. The spring flowers blooming in the grass were a wonderful bed to rest in for a photo op, until Daisy and Oreo saw what we were up to…

Oh well, it is a blessing to be outside again. We love you springtime! Filled with hope and warmer temperatures. For us it also means baby AKA English Bulldog puppies. We cannot begin to share how excited everyone at New O’Hana Farm TN is about the upcoming babies on our farm.

Contact us if you would like to talk about the new puppies and how they can become a part of your families at

God Bless

Baby Chicks Have Arrived!!!

What are the Steps We Take to Care For Our Baby Chicks?

  • We place an order from Murray McMurray Hatchery for 25 Baby Chicks, marking the box for all female. We want Day Old babies.
  • Taking 2 Clean Plastic Totes we filled them with enough soft Wood Chips to cover the bottom. About 1 1/2 to 2 inches gives them a comfy bedding. As the Chicks mature, we will be cleaning these Wood Chips more often as they eat, poo, and spill their water.
  • We have their clean Water Containers and Food Trays ready. Keep an eye on their water making sure they never run out.
  • We waited for our local Post Office to give us a call that our Precious Order had Arrived!
  • Bringing the tiny box in and opening the lid for the first time is Sooooo Exciting Ya’ll I love that they have a little warming pouch under them as they travel to us.
  • Wash your hands when handling these precious little fluff balls and wash your hands after handling. You do not want to make them sick or spread germs. Marked on the box and your order you will notice the baby chicks have been vaccinated for Coccidiosis and Marek’s Disease.
  • We separated the baby chicks between the 2 Plastic Totes.
  • Take each baby chick to their Prepared Water Source (1 Gallon of Clean Cold Water mixed with a Teaspoon of Quick Chick Organic Vitamins). Place the baby chicks tiny beak in the water and you will see each one take a drink of water! This helps them to know where their Water Source is located!
  • Fill their Tray with Starter Feed.

We ordered:

  • Rhode Island Red
  • Pearl White Leghorn
  • Buff Orpington
  • Black Star
  • Delaware

We have one little gray chick with feathered feet!! Very adorable, but they all are adorable. They touch our hearts and we are blessed from the Lord above. Enjoy the video! Their peep sounds are fun to hear and our English Bulldog Daisy and her Sissy Oreo love to check on their feathered friends a lot πŸ™‚ Have a Beautiful Day!

Baby Chicks taking first steps on our farm

Healing takes time and patience

We have a mature tree on our farm that has had a rough past couple of years. Limbs breaking off with a tornado and several strong wind storms. At best maybe half of the tree flowering and ultimately producing leaves. So last summer we started with some mulch and many prayers. Now we are seeing this Spring a tree that is almost fully flowering with blooms and leaves that are vibrant and beautiful!

Of course not everyone took time to enjoy the tree. Not with sticks to fight over.