English Bulldog Puppies Ultrasound:Guessing Game

Counting puppies How many puppies will Daisy have? One of our granddaughters who is 5 years old came up with the idea for everyone to guess the amount of puppies in Daisy’s belly. She said she will have 2 puppies, a boy and a girl! We have people guessing and it will be exciting toContinue reading “English Bulldog Puppies Ultrasound:Guessing Game”

On This Farm:New O’Hana Farm, TN We Eat!

Food and Recipes We Share With Family and Friends! We throw Themed Parties for Birthdays, Holidays, and we create Disney and Movie Parties 🙂 What a Blessed enriching time with everyone to cherish. Memories are precious! Spend with pennies/Great Depression Cooking/Julia child/Jacques Pepin/Spain on a fork/Simply Mama Cooks When looking for a great recipe IContinue reading “On This Farm:New O’Hana Farm, TN We Eat!”

New O’Hana Farm:English Bulldog

The Farm and a pup named daisy oh what a gorgeous place, my farm but my nose is trying to smell everything beyond the fence prevents me from figuring out what is in the air, over there if I could just send my nose ahead it could smell everywhere push down through the soft groundContinue reading “New O’Hana Farm:English Bulldog”