Our English Bulldog:January 31, 2022

Momma:Whatcha doin Daisy? Daisy:I’m looking for February! You said it was coming around the corner 🙂 Time flies too, but I don’t see that in the sky! What does time look like by the way? Happy January 31, 2022 all you Bulldogs Paws & Kisses Love, Daisy

Our English bulldog and her morning routine

Our English Bulldog, Daisy, Loves Her Beauty Sleep 🙂 It takes a couple of times to get her out of her warm blankie! Daisy:After making the rounds with sissy, us pups head in for scrambled eggs and pumpkin. (After Momma wipes my wrinkly face, our paws and my bum) Momma reads bible verses out loud…