an english bulldog:her Countdown to the year 2022

Daisy:Momma! A COOL way for all of us to track time!! Thank You 2021 as You Help Us Welcome In the NEW YEAR! 2022 A Brand NEW BEGINNING!!!!! WooHoo!

Momma:Thank you Daisy Gentle Lee

Happy New Year Eve to You All In The Whole Wide World!!!!! May You All Have Many Precious Blessings In The Year 2022!!!!!!!! Love and Paws and Kisses!

English Bulldogs Summary: Jan/Feb/mar 2021

Daisy Gentle Lee:2021 was a busy year and here I sit waiting for 2022!

January of 2021 saw us delivering Christmas to the kids. We wore masks to protect each of us from COVID and opened presents outside. We had a January 3 birthday and Momma and I decided to buy from Scentsy for the first time. Loved everything! We not only bought a birthday gift, but a diffuser as well. All this wrapping and shopping wore me out, so I took a much needed nap with my Sissy Oreo ๐Ÿ™‚

Springtime on the farm was beautiful and we saw new life in Spring blooms and in Daddy and Momma’s Goat kids. Daddy began construction on an improved dining room with a nice wide ramp. When he tore out the ceiling to repair and add insulation, there was snake skins, a rat skeleton, and a few huge bee nests! (those gross photos not included)

In February we had a bit of snow and I left my paw print with my friend, Rabbit who I playfully chase at top speed around the farm! In March we had a late bloomer Goat Kid. Cookie had her first kid, Chip ๐Ÿ™‚ Hope you enjoyed this brief recap of the beginning of 2021. There are many more memories and photos which I will share later, but I must go now and help Momma decorate for the New Year 2022!!! Paws and Kisses Love Daisy

Rejoicing in remembrance

My dad! Always am and will be very proud of you forever! A man of the Lord, preaching the gospel for 50 years!! March 1938-June 2021 He loved to come out and see the newest baby goats but couldn’t this year. We named this little fella, Duncan, after him and brought Duncan in to see dad!

Thank you Dear Lord for all the blessings and memories we have as a family. From great grandparents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, even the tiniest farm animals. We can rejoice in remembering such wonderful times together as a family. We can be assured if we have asked the Lord in to our hearts, we will all meet again one day on those gold roads in heaven. Hallelujah! Praise Your Holy Name at this Beautiful Christmas Season! Merry Christmas Everyone! Amen