Neaky Nake

The title, NEAKY NAKE, for Sneaky Snake, brings fond memories back of my mom saying this when I was growing up. My parents and I lived in Indiana, Illinois, Tennessee, and Nebraska. Then Colorado, Florida, and back to Tennessee with my husband, kids, and my parents. Never have I seen as many snakes as I do on our Tennessee farm! They have no doubt been there all along, just hiding. When I saw this snake, even though I was scared, I smiled fondly remembering this title and my mom’s voice as she would say, “The Neaky Nake. “

The Rat Snake, probably, was waiting to pass through our farm and head to the dry creek bed. The pups and I had walked back and forth several times watering flowers, adding Miracle Gro as we went. Our last trip was to retrieve milk from the Green’s Lab. Lucky for me, I saw the snake before walking right up on her. And, possibly for the snake, as my daughters say, “She is just as scared of you Momma and just wants to move on.” Trying to imagine her slithering away, I can only picture the snake laughing at my fright.

Since I am terrified of snakes, the photo is extremely poor, but taken and sent in a text to our two oldest daughters. Always a mystery to me, I have mentioned before, the two of them love snakes, but are terrified of Bee’s. Living in Middle Tennessee, we have a continual swarm of all types of Bee’s and Wasps, but maybe wherever you live is the same. The girls move around in a strange dance, eyes wide, making their way to the safety of the house for just one Wasp. I laugh, but I am the same with snakes.