Creative Chaos and Mischievious Fun

To be a fun Mamaw, I thought I would adopt my first Elf on the Shelf. My elf arrived last Christmas with a book and his sleeping bag. I named him Buddy and settled him in for his first night on the farm. He could sleep in the family room with the Christmas tree all lit up and his new Christmas friends.

The next morning, the chaos Buddy started, was enough for this Mamaw to pack him up and send Buddy back to Santa. The grandkids did not need to know their Mamaw had adopted an elf. What was I thinking? I was overwhelmed trying to do normal chores, farm chores, take care of our dogs. How could I possibly take on the responsibility of raising Buddy, if only for little under a month?

My first morning Buddy nearly caused me to scream and wake up the house! He had left his warm bed and hung upside down off the coffee and tea turntable cabinet. The next weeks to follow I became quite fond of my litte mischievous elf.

Buddy was told not to use our train under the tree so he made his own train out of everyone’s shoes. If you look at the photos, he did cause a train wreck. He peeked in to presents. Buddy ate my favorite Peanut M & M’s, drank my drink, at shortbread cookies out of my tin. But, through the season and before he left, Buddy the Elf, touched our hearts with many a story and a laugh.

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