Love Support Prayers

Late last year we found out my dad had a very large tumor on his liver. After several tests, it was confirmed that the tumor was and is cancer. Prayers are being sent up from all over, as is the love from telling him each day by giving him hugs, kisses, and praying with him as we all hold hands together.

Our trust is in the Lord who created my dad. He has been a Baptist Preacher for over 45 years. My dad went to Seminary and worked several jobs during school. He graduated from Tennessee Temple with the Highest of Honors, even though he went several days and nights with no sleep. He not only provided for each one us, but he found time to spend with me during this early time in my life. Recently, I showed him the funny drawings I had kept that we had drawn together. These funny faces were drawn on one of our Saturday morning Daughter Dad Dates. The white paper napkins hold some precious memories. I was probably about 6 or 7 and I can still remember the laughter.

During these months the emotions have been the most difficult to go through each day and night. There are brief minutes when I forget he is very sick, then a song or sound brings the sadness all back again. I began early on reminding myself that this is not all about me and my grief.

My parents have been in love since they were young. My mom was just a little girl when she saw my dad and wanted to marry him. My dad is seven years older than her, but he saw this girl and thought she would make a wonderful wife to some man when she grew up. They have been married since 1964. We all are very proud of them for staying married and being in love through the good and the not so good in life. My mom needs just as much prayer and hugs and loving support.

We do not know what the future holds, but in this household we trust in the Lord up above. My dad taught from the Bible, salvation from this world by believing Jesus died on the cross, taking on our sins, and if we just believe, asking Him in to our hearts, He will save us. He lives and He lives in our hearts. He can live in your heart if you pray to Him to save you and forgive you of your sins. We all sin because we are humans, but we can have that Faith that saves us, Faith that we will all meet again.

Creative Chaos and Mischievious Fun

To be a fun Mamaw, I thought I would adopt my first Elf on the Shelf. My elf arrived last Christmas with a book and his sleeping bag. I named him Buddy and settled him in for his first night on the farm. He could sleep in the family room with the Christmas tree all lit up and his new Christmas friends.

The next morning, the chaos Buddy started, was enough for this Mamaw to pack him up and send Buddy back to Santa. The grandkids did not need to know their Mamaw had adopted an elf. What was I thinking? I was overwhelmed trying to do normal chores, farm chores, take care of our dogs. How could I possibly take on the responsibility of raising Buddy, if only for little under a month?

My first morning Buddy nearly caused me to scream and wake up the house! He had left his warm bed and hung upside down off the coffee and tea turntable cabinet. The next weeks to follow I became quite fond of my litte mischievous elf.

Buddy was told not to use our train under the tree so he made his own train out of everyone’s shoes. If you look at the photos, he did cause a train wreck. He peeked in to presents. Buddy ate my favorite Peanut M & M’s, drank my drink, at shortbread cookies out of my tin. But, through the season and before he left, Buddy the Elf, touched our hearts with many a story and a laugh.