Sign With Me

Two of our very wonderful family members are deaf, one of our grandsons, and his Mamaw. She will be visiting for Christmas and I am nervous and excited because I love learning ASL, American Sign Language, but I forget how to do it when I am not signing with someone all the time.

My husband and I have learned a lot from Dr. Bill Vicars who teaches ASL. He is upbeat, happy, and funny.But with anything in life, we let other things take over us sitting down on Tuesday and Thursday night to learn.

One day my phone rang, and it was Dominga, our grandsons other Mamaw. She was on facetime and we started signing. She is amazing because even though she can not hear, her mom sent her to school to learn to Talk, Sign, and Read Lips. As we talk, she is patient, as she teaches me to Sign and to remember to really show my expressions. Great big smiles or frowns, or a questioning look!!

I encourage you to look for Bill Vicars. He has a lot of videos. You can start from the very beginning learning your Alphabet and Numbers, how to greet someone and use every day words. Right now I am watching 100 Basic Signs by Dr. Bill Vicars Harriman Middle School.

Have a Wonderful Week! Sign With Someone! :)Jen

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