For Blacky

In Memory of Blacky. I know we are told not to get attached to our farm animals, but when they choose to want to be around all of us, they get a very special place in our hearts. Blacky was found pulled under the fence up by the chicken coop Sunday afternoon. Possibly by a Weasel. We have been consumed with tearing roofing out of our dining room and grandkids play room to insulate for winter. Around lunch, I realized I had not seen Blacky or Rocky, nor had I heard the Crow of Our Handsome Roosters. Each morning they would greet us with a few rounds of Cock-A-Doodle-Doo, then walk around the farm looking for bugs. They loved to walk with my dad several times each day and night when he gets fresh air and sunshine. They hung out when the grandkids played on their bikes and trampoline. Walked casually among our three dogs. Blacky was the leader, and Rocky will find his way. He was spotted yesterday chasing a bug. Blacky was more laid-back and gentle. I will miss seeing him peeking in the side door. :)Jen

CaterPillars, Spiders, Cicadas Oh My!

What fun we had as one big family finding creatures on our New O’Hana Farm, 2020! Colder mornings and evenings are rushing in. We are preparing the farm for winter. I try not to rush time, but I am excited for Spring and Summer 2021 to see what we can see. Have a Blessed day! :)Jen

Looking At Our Visiting Turtle

In the featured image, tucked up close to our A/C, was a small turtle. Three of our grandchildren were checking her out with Papaw. She was going over to the small puddle of water, then “Racing” back to coverage. Her daily water gathered from drips from the faucet outside when we watered the goats, ducks, and chickens. Her coverage was a tunnel of leaves she hid in and under. One day she was there, then she had moved on. Past our farm is a small pond, and farther on is a large creek bed. We were curious how long it took her to get to either water source?

Blessings From Above

This year, 2020, has seen blessings from above each day. New O’Hana Farm has been healing ground to explore and grow in the Lord. My daily bible verse arrives at 5:15 a.m. with a soft ding from my phone. I can’t wait to get up, let the pups out, and see what verse is waiting to be read. With a thankful heart, I pray to the Lord through the good days and the bad, through the night, and day. I have been doing this since I was a little girl. When I was about 6 years old, I prayed that the Lord would come in to my heart, save me, and take away my sins. My prayer continued, thanking Jesus for dying on the cross, taking on our sins, arising from the dead, and preparing Heaven for us. My life is not perfect, and I have not always been a good example, but I pray to follow His path, and get up and try again. I always pray for ways to share the simple prayer I prayed when I was so young. I am not shy to ask Him for what I want, and that is that all of my family and friends will ask Him in to their hearts, and that we will all spend eternity together. No matter what age, or what you have done, the Lord wants to be your Savior, being in your life, daily path, and prayers. He made me, you, and wants to have a relationship with us. I feel so blessed to have the Lord’s continual love and that I can pray anywhere, anytime. John 3:16 Have a beautiful and blessed day! :)Jen