Goat Day

Yesterday was more of a Goat Day, and all around ended up being a Good Day! 6:30 a.m. I was prepared to conquer the world, at least to conquer my desk and all the notes and writing ideas piling up. But, like anything in life, there are detours. My detour was 11 Goats and how to wrangle them.

Sipping coffee, I glanced out towards the woods. There is a desire to take my phone and get some of the beginning beauty of the leaves changing color. One day they will be slightly turning orange or red, then all over the ground.

All thoughts of getting anything accomplished, diminished when I saw Stitch, our only male American Pygmy Goat walking down the drive with all 7 of his girls following.

Stitch got the girls up on the bales, then went down to the right to try to keep Moses from busting through his gate.

If there is ever a time for my brain not to compute, it was after throwing on work gloves and shoes, I stood staring at their mangled gate door. The photo below does not show how torn up it was. Questions began to pile up. Had Stitch got his horns caught, panicking, wrenching the door? Had a small tornado come through, because that is what the door looked like?

Or…..and, if you live on or visit the farm, you would look over your shoulder like I did. Delilah. Our Nubian. She stood innocently on her large wooden spool. She even had the nerve to question me! “What happened over there?” her eyes asked. Pursing my lips, and staring her down, made her try to look even more innocent. “I know what you have done.” I said.

She found a weak place in her fence over by my large favorite tree. She worked the spot for days probably, until she could squeeze under. She climbed over large hay bales, and began to hit the gate door until it was nicely peeled to one side. My limited strength right now, was useless. But, I could try to block the entrance. Here is where we all can laugh! Please feel free!

Grabbing a bucket and getting some food, I drug a work table over from the shop to block them from leaving again.Luring the goats back in was simple. They are gentle, and the whole family, and the grandkids, can go in and feed them treats. They love to meet us at the fence to have their noses rubbed, or just to curiously see what we are doing. Shaking the bucket, filling their bowls, they all came back.

What else could go wrong? Our Boer male goats, Moses, the Big Daddy, and Sampson, and conniving, Delilah wanted food, attention, and to join in. The large goats plowed through my obstruction like it was paper, and Moses began to chase the females. Never have I been more proud of Stitch. He stood up to Moses, hair raised along his back, horns down. Stitch would get some of his girls protected, only to have to run to the help of the others. Sampson just wanted to play, but seemed too clumsy. And, Delilah just got in the way.

Thankfully, my daughter and son-in-law came to the rescue. Glancing down at their phones, they both saw I had texted, “Help! All 11 Goats are running wild!” They live about 15 minutes away, but when they arrived, gates were mended, and everyone was back to nibbling grass and laying in the sun in their own fenced areas.

The weather was sunny and warm. Chicken was frying in the oven! And, everyone stayed safe through the night. Have a blessed day! Love to all our family and friends! May the Lord richly bless you :)Jen

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