Old Trees

This featured tree was struck by lightening last Friday.

Lightening and thunder was coming at our home from all sides! Then, a large boom and ball of red shot through the sky. Jumping up, I let out a scream. The dogs ran about, and the lights went out!

My goal is to go outside and find photos of interest on the farm to share. I dug through my archives of last Autumn, adding cool photos of old trees in our woods that had already lost their leaves. This morning, walking my laps around the farm, (Another Daily Goal) I took a few photos of the vibrant green leaves before they fade in to orange, yellow, and red colors.

With or without leaves, these trees are watching me! :)Jen

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  1. KDKH says:

    Old trees are quite a comfort.

    1. Gary New says:

      Yes, they definitely are. For me personally, this past year, they have been healing. On my path, I walk among them and I do draw comfort. Have a wonderful day! :)Jen

  2. Nancy says:

    Oh how we love our trees! You have some beauties there! And some old ones too!

    1. Gary New says:

      We do have quite a few old trees in and around our home and past our field in to our woods. One that is really old and looks like the granddaddy of them all was struck by lightening this summer and looks like it caught on fire. Some of these trees will have to come down as they were capped by the previous owners and large limbs fall all the time. With grandbabies running around, I worry of course! But, in their place we plan to replant young trees :)Jen

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