On This Farm We Wander

My name is Sampson, and I am the baby of Delilah and Moses. My momma, a Nubian, is the best at getting under fences, climbing over hay bales, chewing through bungee cords, and pushing in one spot till she breaks free. She gets out and enjoys the other pasture until she gets bored. She works her way through the barn, and if the gate is open, she stands just outside.

My dad, Moses, a Boer, is happy and content to stay in the warm large side of the barn, or out in the large pasture. He is very laid back, laying on his large wooden spools in the warm morning sunshine. When he is getting ready to be fed, brushed, and people are talking to him, he loves to smile super big!

Last Thursday, my momma, Delilah, broke fencing and began exploring. She visited the Nigerian and African Pygmy goats, pushing on their gate, till she nicely dented it in. The male, Stitch, though young, stood his ground. He let out noises that sounded like hisses and grunts to protect the 7 young females he proudly adores.

The exploring part looked like a great opportunity, for myself, to also experience wandering. Finding a way out, I joined my momma, and asked if we could walk the drive and look in the windows of the farm house. Wouldn’t those people that feed and care for us be surprised?!!

Feeling large gravel under my hooves was rather interesting. The two of us walking together on a different adventure! Hearing the farm house door, my heart felt nervous and excited. She, the lady that always says, “Good morning Handsome”, stood outside with her boots on, hair tied back, and shiny things in her hands. Might she have a treat? Maybe I would try to smile like my dad, Moses.

Then those shiny things began to bang together and with shock, momma ran back towards the barn. She is a stubborn girl, I have heard the lady and man say. But, not today. If she is not going to be stubborn, then I will be! Feeling brave and strong, I start to turn around. My horns are quite impressive on my powerful head. My body is strong and I am young and want to explore. Ladies voice gets much louder, as do the shiny things. Before I know what I have done, I am back in the barn. Watching Lady close the gates, I hear her say, “Thank you, Handsome.” :)Jen

JOY BloomS

JOY Bloomed this Spring and Summer in Colors that were Pleasing to Sight and Caressing to the Heart. Even though Autumn is in the Air, Her Colors will be Welcome Here! A Beautiful Chapter from the Bible about The Seasons is found in Ecclesiastes 3. Verse 1-To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven; Verse 2-A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted. I love this Whole Chapter because I feel like our whole life is in these 13 verses. We Bloom and Heal, Living and being Thankful, and Thoughtful through the Good, the Bad, Hard Work, the Storms and Peace from God’s love.

Bloom, You Grew. Fade, I Knew.

On New O’Hana Farm TN, I Spy Spider Webs!

When I was a little girl, the book Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, was intriguing in that Charlotte worked very hard on her web. She was feeding herself to keep up her strength for her Spider Sac full of hundreds of babies. But, she unselfishly helped Wilbur, the pig, become famous so he would win awards and not be eaten. Since then, these Beautiful Webs have caught my eye when the morning dew is glistening from the sun rising and shining through this Elegant Trap.

Hanging on a thread, from her Spinnerets, to the Abdomen, then to her Silk Glands, the female spider can produce different kinds of Silk to use to trap prey. The spider works diligently to repair her web each day, or completely rebuild. Insects can come flying in at high speeds, thrashing and tearing the silk.

When I go outside, I look all around for something to share with my kids and grandkids. https://baynature.org/article/spiders/ This site showed a few drawings of webs, and descriptions.

I recommend taking photos of webs you find and have fun looking them up. Spiders, Arachnids, also Ticks, Mites, Scorpions, Harvestmen….. Arthropods, and the webs they make are quite extraordinary! Look at this!-http://www.explorit.org/science/spider.html

A Funnel Web perhaps. From the Spider Family Agelenidae, the Funnel Weaving Spider. This web is in our barn, low to the ground, at the entrance to our Hay Bales. Maybe a Grass Spider lives in there, racing out to deliver a venomous bite to it’s prey, and drag it back in to it’s home for a Tasty Spider Meal!

Type in-how many spiders are there in the world! Over 45,000 known species in the World! Enjoy Nature :)Jen

Old Trees

This featured tree was struck by lightening last Friday.

Lightening and thunder was coming at our home from all sides! Then, a large boom and ball of red shot through the sky. Jumping up, I let out a scream. The dogs ran about, and the lights went out!

My goal is to go outside and find photos of interest on the farm to share. I dug through my archives of last Autumn, adding cool photos of old trees in our woods that had already lost their leaves. This morning, walking my laps around the farm, (Another Daily Goal) I took a few photos of the vibrant green leaves before they fade in to orange, yellow, and red colors.

With or without leaves, these trees are watching me! :)Jen