Month: May 2020


Colors in the sky open the book to a new day and close the pages simply gorgeous, but yet, not simple. The pinks, the purples, the beauty from above is extraordinary as darkness folds daytime away. jjn

Watching Our Babies Grow

This Chicken Coop pictured here, has certainly seen a lot of hours of work clearing and repairing it for the young Chicks to stay safe from predators. We are enjoying raising chicks, ducklings, and goslings from the days old stage. This whole experience has… Continue Reading “Watching Our Babies Grow”

Farm Live Along With Good, Bad, and Trying Times, 2020

All three of our Dogs play well together now. Fear was that they would not all get along when Zoey came to guard the farm animals. They are best sisters and watch out for each other. Today I woke up excited that it was… Continue Reading “Farm Live Along With Good, Bad, and Trying Times, 2020”