New Goats, Dog, & A Mystery Pig

We now have 11 goats, soon to be 12!! Boer, Nubian, Pygmy-Kiko-Nigerian Dwarf mix. Learning is wonderful fun, exhausting, and rewarding!

The older goats, Moses, Delilah, and their buckling Sampson are extremely friendly. Delilah might be using me though, to see what snack I have for her. Raisins, bread, carrots…

Moses was intimidating for me, and still is because of his size, but during this season he is as gentle as a kitten. One morning, I was stuck in one of the stalls in the barn. Going in to get their feed, we knew the door needed work and would stick. Pushing and kicking was getting me nowhere, and I would have to stay in there all day till Gary got home that night. Moses was so concerned, (NOT about Me) but that I had his food in there. When I would push, he would stick his giant head in and try to pry the door open!

Their buckling, Sampson, is enjoyable right now. He jumps in the air, runs all around, butts his head against your hand, and loves to play all day like a pup.

Our other goats are small and very fast. Two got out in to the field, and giant Delilah got over in their area. I spent three hours trying to repair fences and chase little goats with long sticks to guide them back around the barn and in to safety. And for fun, I did it all over again the next day. By then, I was laughing and upset at the same time.

Spying and sneaking around the outbuildings was how I discovered who the culprits were. Zoey, our new two year old Great Pyrenees and Delilah (Our biggest sneaky trouble maker) was going through two places in the fence and a couple little one’s wanted to follow. Delilah would come right back, happily content that she was getting rid of the small goats. Early on we realized, she is a handful 🙂 and does not play nice.

Zoey is amazing. She is kind with our whole family. Her head stands up to my waist and one paw could knock me over! She wishes she could sit on my lap! When I walk the farm, she leans against me. I picture myself growing old, my body completely tilted to one side!

Our neighbors have giant farm dogs. Zoey early on went over for a visit and one morning she was laying down with one of the farm dogs back in our field. Made me think of the Looney Tune Cartoon where one Great Pyrenees is clocking out for the day, and another is clocking in to watch for Wile E. Coyote to appear.

A MYSTERY TOY appeared a few days later, maybe Zoey took it from the dogs’ farm as her own, or they brought it over as a piece offering!! Could she be a Klepto?? Oh, NO!

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