Daisy the Bulldogs List of Specialness

I am a 55 lb. loving, gentle, 8 1/2 month old English Bulldog. My Favorite Playmate is my Blue Heeler Sister, Oreo. We are tolerating our new sister, Zoey. 85 lb. Great Pyrenees who guards those new “dogs” they call goats.

My Love for Everybody, Especially Children is Real!! I Love When ‘My Kids’ Come to Visit and When I Hear the Neighbors Kids or Kids on TV. I Will Stop What I am Doing to Listen to Them. Cocking my Head to the Side and Wagging my Little Tail! My Full Name is Daisy Gentle Lee and I am Very Gentle with Kids and the Elderly.

Things I love:

  • Veggie’s Being Sliced in the Kitchen-We enjoy Carrots, Zucchini, Squash, and Green Beans so far.
  • Hearing Popcorn Being Spilled in to the Pot (Momma Will “Accidentally” Drop Some! YaY!)
  • Running Around the Farm, Eating All the Acorns I Possibly Can and Munching on Pinecones
  • Chewing on One End of a Stick as Oreo Chews on the Other End as we Race Around Outside
  • We can be in a Deep Sleep and Hear the Ice Machine (I Love Ice Cubes, But Everyone Knows That)-Daddy Walking in the Door after Work-Momma Trying to Walk Quietly to Another Room to Have Her Own Time, But We Hear Her and Go EVERYWHERE She Goes!
  • Oreo Engages Me in Playing and Chewing on Our Kong Toys
  • I Love to Snuggle and Cuddle with Momma (She calls it snuggle time)when She Finally Sits Down at Night to Watch TV-Oreo still has Boundless Energy.
  • I Snore!! All the Time! I DO! 🙂
  • If Enjoying Being Outside or Sleeping on My Bed, and You Call Me, I Can Go Soooooo Slow that You Would Swear I’m Not Moving! I Believe the Word is STUBBORN
  • On the Other PAW, I Can Haul ASS if I think You are Leaving Me or Feeding Me.
  • I Eat Twice a Day, A Cup of Diamond Dog Food. A Cute Thing Like Me Has to Watch Her Figure!!
  • Getting my Belly Rubbed is Amazing
  • If you Hold Me Close, I Look Lovingly in to Your Eyes (Excuse Me if I Have Gas)

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