Daisy the Bulldogs List of Specialness

I am a 55 lb. loving, gentle, 8 1/2 month old English Bulldog. My Favorite Playmate is my Blue Heeler Sister, Oreo. We are tolerating our new sister, Zoey. 85 lb. Great Pyrenees who guards those new “dogs” they call goats.

My Love for Everybody, Especially Children is Real!! I Love When ‘My Kids’ Come to Visit and When I Hear the Neighbors Kids or Kids on TV. I Will Stop What I am Doing to Listen to Them. Cocking my Head to the Side and Wagging my Little Tail! My Full Name is Daisy Gentle Lee and I am Very Gentle with Kids and the Elderly.

I’m a Sweetheart!!!

Things I love:

  • Veggie’s Being Sliced in the Kitchen-We enjoy Carrots, Zucchini, Squash, and Green Beans so far.
  • Hearing Popcorn Being Spilled in to the Pot (Momma Will “Accidentally” Drop Some! YaY!)
  • Running Around the Farm, Eating All the Acorns I Possibly Can and Munching on Pinecones
  • Chewing on One End of a Stick as Oreo Chews on the Other End as we Race Around Outside
  • We can be in a Deep Sleep and Hear the Ice Machine (I Love Ice Cubes, But Everyone Knows That)-Daddy Walking in the Door after Work-Momma Trying to Walk Quietly to Another Room to Have Her Own Time, But We Hear Her and Go EVERYWHERE She Goes!
  • Oreo Engages Me in Playing and Chewing on Our Kong Toys
  • I Love to Snuggle and Cuddle with Momma (She calls it snuggle time)when She Finally Sits Down at Night to Watch TV-Oreo still has Boundless Energy.
  • I Snore!! All the Time! I DO! πŸ™‚
  • If Enjoying Being Outside or Sleeping on My Bed, and You Call Me, I Can Go Soooooo Slow that You Would Swear I’m Not Moving! I Believe the Word is STUBBORN
  • On the Other PAW, I Can Haul ASS if I think You are Leaving Me or Feeding Me.
  • I Eat Twice a Day, A Cup of Diamond Dog Food. A Cute Thing Like Me Has to Watch Her Figure!!
  • Getting my Belly Rubbed is Amazing
  • If you Hold Me Close, I Look Lovingly in to Your Eyes (Excuse Me if I Have Gas)

The Good Man

Not to be confused with The Good Wife, which I do not believe I have ever seen? Have you? I’m getting off track. My title is because I am bragging on my husband.

He does not like his photo on here, so sometimes you might see his arm or part of a person. He has a great smile and I find him so handsome, but he walks away from a camera. He is Patient and ever Kind. He is a True Blessing from above.

Our life changed awhile back, and we experience hardship, as do others. But through all the misery and pain, there was this man, my husband, who is my angel.

He recently started working from home, and he noticed my struggle on my older computer. I tried to work with Internet problems due to moving to the country, then my computer started to slow down to the point that I could not work on my stories, and poems. I could not put Photos to my WordPress Sites. That feeling of poor me, and grouchiness set in.

Little did I know, but a surprise was on the way. Yesterday, a new computer arrived! I had to wait for the two computers to communicate, as they transferred my information from the old computer to the new. I found this exciting! Ok, Really Cool. πŸ™‚

As the day progressed, he noticed dark circles under my eyes. He became concerned, and I told him I was suffering from a sinus headache. Before I could think, he had my blanket, pillow, and I was on the couch with the Kong Movie going. He made Supper, and he praised me for going to bed early.

He makes me smile and laugh every single day. I am so proud of him and hope that I always take great care of him. I am Proud of him. I am Happy to be married to my best friend. A Christian man who loves the Lord, and loves his life.

This is just a few special qualities to list of a man who is always consistently sweet-

  • Always Positive-Think on this. He is not Negative, and Positive is always present. Negativity does not enter, never having a chance, instead Positivity blossoms.
  • Praises me Daily-He lists my Strong Qualities. He is my Cheerleader
  • Daily Bible Reading-Very Simple. We both have the bible.com app on our phone and our computers. We share what we think of the verse, and if we are struggling, we read the whole chapter.
  • He Stays in Contact with our Children-Several times a week he checks on his children and encourages them and tells them he loves them.
  • He Works Hard Daily at his Job-No Sick Days, He just gets up and does his work thoroughly.
  • He Works Hard Daily on Our Farm-No Sick Days Allowed! LOL Rain, Snow, Cold, Hot, he is taking care of the animals.
  • He is Very Giving-He loves to Surprise me with gifts and his family also.
  • He is very Organized-Lists and new Ideas are always flowing
  • He always kisses me goodnight and says a prayer for our whole family and friends.
  • He loves to hold hands. Tells me he loves me.To talk of our future. To spend time with me.

Because of him, I am extremely spoiled. And, I just wanted to brag on him.

Do you do special things for your family and friends? What might someone list as your attributes, your character, and your blessings?

New Goats, Dog, & A Mystery Pig

We now have 11 goats, soon to be 12!! Boer, Nubian, Pygmy-Kiko-Nigerian Dwarf mix. Learning is wonderful fun, exhausting, and rewarding!

The older goats, Moses, Delilah, and their buckling Sampson are extremely friendly. Delilah might be using me though, to see what snack I have for her. Raisins, bread, carrots…

Moses was intimidating for me, and still is because of his size, but during this season he is as gentle as a kitten. One morning, I was stuck in one of the stalls in the barn. Going in to get their feed, we knew the door needed work and would stick. Pushing and kicking was getting me nowhere, and I would have to stay in there all day till Gary got home that night. Moses was so concerned, (NOT about Me) but that I had his food in there. When I would push, he would stick his giant head in and try to pry the door open!

Their buckling, Sampson, is enjoyable right now. He jumps in the air, runs all around, butts his head against your hand, and loves to play all day like a pup.

Our other goats are small and very fast. Two got out in to the field, and giant Delilah got over in their area. I spent three hours trying to repair fences and chase little goats with long sticks to guide them back around the barn and in to safety. And for fun, I did it all over again the next day. By then, I was laughing and upset at the same time.

Spying and sneaking around the outbuildings was how I discovered who the culprits were. Zoey, our new two year old Great Pyrenees and Delilah (Our biggest sneaky trouble maker) was going through two places in the fence and a couple little one’s wanted to follow. Delilah would come right back, happily content that she was getting rid of the small goats. Early on we realized, she is a handful πŸ™‚ and does not play nice.

Zoey is amazing. She is kind with our whole family. Her head stands up to my waist and one paw could knock me over! She wishes she could sit on my lap! When I walk the farm, she leans against me. I picture myself growing old, my body completely tilted to one side!

Our neighbors have giant farm dogs. Zoey early on went over for a visit and one morning she was laying down with one of the farm dogs back in our field. Made me think of the Looney Tune Cartoon where one Great Pyrenees is clocking out for the day, and another is clocking in to watch for Wile E. Coyote to appear.

A MYSTERY TOY appeared a few days later, maybe Zoey took it from the dogs’ farm as her own, or they brought it over as a piece offering!! Could she be a Klepto?? Oh, NO!