Please Pray For Nashville, Central Tennessee

Please pray for families that have lost loved ones from the tornadoes that went through Nashville, Tennessee and her surrounding areas, four counties.

Death toll was at 24. Missing Person Reports are listed. Thousands upon thousands of homes and businesses destroyed.

My husband spent 1/2 an hour removing a tree from our driveway and 6 hours trying to find a path to his office in Nashville, TN. We tried to talk on the phone, but the connection failed. He drove by family members homes to make sure they were still standing. Along the way, he took photos of destruction. Electrical poles and lines,not only down, but bent in half. Homes gone. Businesses burning to the ground. Trees torn out of the grown, and broke in half.

These photos are just a small view in to the tragedy that is all around us. Our power was out for 20 hours, and trees are down on our farm, our neighbors farm buildings are gone, strewn through the field and the creek bed. Along the creek, the trees are down and broken, but we are safe and in continual prayer.

Yesterday, the sun came out, the temperature was in the 60’s, the birds were singing like nothing had happened. People have joined together to help search for the missing, and begin the cleanup, and restore. Keep the prayers coming.

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