Picking Up Sticks & Great Helpers

Our family is very dear to us. We love when they visit our New O’Hana Farm. Our youngest daughter visited with three of our grandkids, and when they saw my wagon, they could not wait to help Mamaw.

Our daughter went to help her dad with the goat fencing. I felt proud to show off my new wagon my husband assembled for me. Who knew I would jump up and down in excitement to load my new green wagon with sticks, leaves, acorns, and debris?!!

This will a safe haven for our goats. They will be so much fun to watch. They are so playful and all twelve of our grandkids can help care for and raise them.
Daisy, our loving English Bulldog, was hoping this was my last trip to the stick pile. Her Blue Heeler sister, Oreo, was still FULL OF ENERGY after three hours of outdoor exploring!
What a Special Blessing Oreo is! We bought Daisy first, and for three days she was sad because she had left her birth home. Then, a spunky, always happy, Sissy, named Oreo, arrived and pulled Daisy out of her quiet shell πŸ™‚
We have a ton of trees on our property. Thus, a lot of old leaves, acorn, and limbs! I am excited to see them budding new leaves. Spring will be a beautiful display. Our first Spring on the farm.

We still have a lot of limbs that need to be gathered. Buildings that need to be painted. One step at a time. All the work will be there. It is exhausting, but rewarding to see a finished project. :)Jen

Meal Ideas

I thought it would be nice to share a few meal ideas we had during the holidays here on New O’Hana Farm.

Our first GREAT Grill! NEXGRILL The Veggies-Portobello Steaks, Banana Peppers,Zucchini, Squash, and on the side burner, Broccoli. Our first grill we had, I put a lot of kerosene on it to get the coals farther along, and lit it. I was a mess! It cinged and curled my lashes, eyebrows, and hair :)Jen
Great time with family-Our kids and my cousin, his wife,and their kids! Chicken in the new MasterBuilt Smoker. Yum! Rumaki’s,Crab Rangoon, Cranberry Hot Pepper Dip
Asparagus Gravy that goes great with our Christmas Duck!
Remove the ends before serving :)Jen
My parents used to make these donuts on holidays, or a lot of times, Just Because! I can remember walking in to the kitchen, and mom would be taking them out of the pot of oil and dad would be holding the bag full of powdered sugar. Really great memories! Not only when you smell them, but the taste takes me back to being a little girl. :)Jen
And to end this first post for Meal Ideas, I crave pumpkin during the fall. Here I found a simple recipe for Pumpkin Waffles! They smelled amazing.