From Mud to Gravel Because Tennessee is One of the Rainiest States

Tennessee is No. 6 in-The Rainiest States in the United States for the Year and for Winter. Here is the link so you can see the other states listed!

With all the rain, letting the pups out & having to practically bathe them when they came in each time, driving back to The Shop, The Barn, & The MicroGreen Building, plus water pooling in the back area, then seeping toward the house, this equaled=A Big Muddy Mess!

We were in great need of a Gravel Facelift-

We Purchased Five, 23 cu yd Truckloads of Miner Run Gravel & Three 23 cu yd Truckloads of Crusher Run, that was placed on top and compacted! That’s a lot of Gravel!!! πŸ™‚

When it was first completed, it looked as if we had received snow! It has truly helped to keep the rain from standing in puddles, becoming a deep rutted muddy trail. A Great Facelift for New O’Hana Farm!

Repurposing An Outbuilding Into A MicroGreens New Home

On the farm, this building was once used by the previous owner to dry peppers, and prepare vegetables for canning and store them next door in the root cellar. (The Root Cellar is in Great Need of Repair, as are the other Buildings)
My husband is working so hard! Full time at work, then evenings and weekends on the farm. Painting, assembling shelves, installing a sink, and lights for the MicroGreen building.
I always wanted to learn to redo homes and I am learning a lot from him. He patiently shows me what he is doing when building extra shelving and counter tops.
Multitasking while we work! Roller-Paint Brush-And lots of fun talking and laughing together!! And, this little heater puts out enough heat to warm this building to a good level to dry the paint properly. My pink earmuffs help me to stay warm! πŸ™‚
This color is called Sprout Green. Even though we are starting a MicroGreen Business, not growing sprouts, the color of the paint and the name Sprouts Lab for this building is cool!

This color will look great with the black mats and black appliances! Still not a finished product but we are also busy putting fences in all around the farm. Our weekends are for working hard and loving every minute of it!