A Goat Farm, A Family Reunion Feeling, & A Great Experience All Around

(We did not photograph this farm of Goats because the Owners do not openly provide photos or an address of their farm)

This Great Experience All Around was due to the Owners and their willingness to share their knowledge. We felt as if we had attended our first class on HOW TO RAISE GOATS and we want to learn more. The family of Goats (called a Tribe or Trip) really made us feel at ease and comfortable that our grandchildren will be safe with them and love helping take care of them.

Baby Goats just have to be the cutest thing! They just melt your heart when you see them playing. I want to record the sound they make when they follow Momma around wanting more milk. They race around in these perfect miniature bodies of what they will look like as they grow to maturity.

Sunday, we visited a Goat Farm in Lebanon, TN. We have talked about raising Goats, and wanted to make sure having them was still a desire after spending time with them. Yes! We fell in love.

Who couldn’t love visiting them? But, would we want to raise them? Be in charge of their health, shots, deworming? Cost of feed, Goat fencing, and security? Aiding in birthing if needed? Quality time with them, and equipment for them to climb on? Plus, chewing and escaping issues? Not to mention, selling some of them as needed.

When we arrived, the owner was absolutely amazing. Patient with all of our questions, and we could really see that she loved her family of Goats. In the barn, there were four Doe or Nannies, (Momma Goats) with their babies. The Kids, (Baby Goats) were everywhere, just as adorable as watching playful young pups. The one Buck (Daddy Goat) was with the Doe and their one Kid. It is more common, we have heard, that the Doe will have Twins or Triplets!

I was nervous around the Buck, but he was gentle and really just enjoying being in the stall with his Doe and Kid. The other Goats were out in fenced enclosures. One Buck outside, was a Myotonic, fainting goat. He seemed happy and wanted attention, no fainting spells!

You would have thought we were at a Family Reunion! The Goats in the stalls all came up to us, and I could almost imagine them introducing themselves and their Kids! πŸ™‚

We were allowed to pick up the babies, and did I love it??? Oh, I loved snuggling the Kids! We were so welcomed by the Goats in the barn and outside, that we left feeling very satisfied that we were making a good decision wanting to raise them. We still held hands and prayed, but we do think you will be seeing photos of our Goats here on New O’Hana Farm, TN soon!

P.S. We might even have two that need to be bottled fed! Who wants to help?? :)Jen

National Love Your Pet Day 02/20/20 XOXOXOXO

P.S. We All Love You, Oreo

Please scroll down to the very last photo! Oreo is our Blue Heeler/Collie Mix. She was adopted a few days after we brought her sister, Daisy, our English Bulldog home. Oreo is the pup that brought her sister, Daisy, out of her shell. She has taught her to play with her toys and actually put them back in the basket! She is always aware of their surroundings when they go outside. She is the Protector. She barks and is on alert if another animal is prowling around. Today, Oreo went to the Vet to be spayed! She was so brave, giving us kisses, then marching back to be weighed, and not looking back. To be honest, we miss her terribly. All three of us! Daisy, Mommy, & Daddy, but Oreo is so smart. She knows she will return home to take care of, watch over, and play with her family that loves her very much. ❀

Picking Up Sticks & Great Helpers

Our family is very dear to us. We love when they visit our New O’Hana Farm. Our youngest daughter visited with three of our grandkids, and when they saw my wagon, they could not wait to help Mamaw.

Our daughter went to help her dad with the goat fencing. I felt proud to show off my new wagon my husband assembled for me. Who knew I would jump up and down in excitement to load my new green wagon with sticks, leaves, acorns, and debris?!!

This will a safe haven for our goats. They will be so much fun to watch. They are so playful and all twelve of our grandkids can help care for and raise them.
Daisy, our loving English Bulldog, was hoping this was my last trip to the stick pile. Her Blue Heeler sister, Oreo, was still FULL OF ENERGY after three hours of outdoor exploring!
What a Special Blessing Oreo is! We bought Daisy first, and for three days she was sad because she had left her birth home. Then, a spunky, always happy, Sissy, named Oreo, arrived and pulled Daisy out of her quiet shell πŸ™‚
We have a ton of trees on our property. Thus, a lot of old leaves, acorn, and limbs! I am excited to see them budding new leaves. Spring will be a beautiful display. Our first Spring on the farm.

We still have a lot of limbs that need to be gathered. Buildings that need to be painted. One step at a time. All the work will be there. It is exhausting, but rewarding to see a finished project. :)Jen

Meal Ideas

I thought it would be nice to share a few meal ideas we had during the holidays here on New O’Hana Farm.

Our first GREAT Grill! NEXGRILL The Veggies-Portobello Steaks, Banana Peppers,Zucchini, Squash, and on the side burner, Broccoli. Our first grill we had, I put a lot of kerosene on it to get the coals farther along, and lit it. I was a mess! It cinged and curled my lashes, eyebrows, and hair :)Jen
Great time with family-Our kids and my cousin, his wife,and their kids! Chicken in the new MasterBuilt Smoker. Yum! Rumaki’s,Crab Rangoon, Cranberry Hot Pepper Dip
Asparagus Gravy that goes great with our Christmas Duck!
Remove the ends before serving :)Jen
My parents used to make these donuts on holidays, or a lot of times, Just Because! I can remember walking in to the kitchen, and mom would be taking them out of the pot of oil and dad would be holding the bag full of powdered sugar. Really great memories! Not only when you smell them, but the taste takes me back to being a little girl. :)Jen
And to end this first post for Meal Ideas, I crave pumpkin during the fall. Here I found a simple recipe for Pumpkin Waffles! They smelled amazing.

Chicks & A Root Cellar

We are a couple of weeks away from ordering our first ever Chicks!!!!!

We are both excited and nervous. Excited to hold them and hear their adorable sounds. Nervous, because we are the parents. We have to not only keep them warm, but safe from predators!

We had trespassers in the Root Cellar. It has sat “Vacant” of canned goods, but not of pests like squirrels and rats that built nests and hauled in tons of acorns.

We started sweeping out the debris, then we hosed down the whole building. We put cement on the holes that the pests chewed through in the ceiling and where the wall and ceiling met. Then installed installation to discourage anything from wanting free room and board! πŸ™‚ The big heavy door fell off it’s hinges and still needs repair. As you can tell, the Chick Nursery still needs TLC, and we can not wait to show them to you when they arrive! We are in the midst of cleaning and repairing the Chicken Coop for them to live in as they mature.

We have started gathering baby things! Heat Lamps-Waterer and Feeders…And A Small Funny Moment-I really wanted to set up Video Cam’s and Baby Monitors so I could keep a constant eye on the little feathery baby chicks :)Jen