Month: February 2020

A Goat Farm, A Family Reunion Feeling, & A Great Experience All Around

(We did not photograph this farm of Goats because the Owners do not openly provide photos or an address of their farm) This Great Experience All Around was due to the Owners and their willingness to share their knowledge. We felt as if we… Continue Reading “A Goat Farm, A Family Reunion Feeling, & A Great Experience All Around”

National Love Your Pet Day 02/20/20 XOXOXOXO

P.S. We All Love You, Oreo Please scroll down to the very last photo! Oreo is our Blue Heeler/Collie Mix. She was adopted a few days after we brought her sister, Daisy, our English Bulldog home. Oreo is the pup that brought her sister,… Continue Reading “National Love Your Pet Day 02/20/20 XOXOXOXO”

Picking Up Sticks & Great Helpers

Our family is very dear to us. We love when they visit our New O’Hana Farm. Our youngest daughter visited with three of our grandkids, and when they saw my wagon, they could not wait to help Mamaw. Our daughter went to help her… Continue Reading “Picking Up Sticks & Great Helpers”

Meal Ideas

I thought it would be nice to share a few meal ideas we had during the holidays here on New O’Hana Farm.

Chicks & A Root Cellar

We are a couple of weeks away from ordering our first ever Chicks!!!!! We are both excited and nervous. Excited to hold them and hear their adorable sounds. Nervous, because we are the parents. We have to not only keep them warm, but safe… Continue Reading “Chicks & A Root Cellar”