Winter's Mild

Say, “Winter is Mild!”, with your Fingers Crossed. We have had a few cold days and a splatter of snow before this promising new year, 2020. A lot of rain has been arriving, of course, but this gives us ideas for saving this blessing to help water our gardens and animals. Anxious to till our new garden plots. And, our gardens of flowers, I pray they look like a dreamworld.

Can’t wait to order new little chicks, and watch them grow. See pools of water for our ducks scattered about. A donkey named Eeyore and a pyrenees with a warrior name walking with purpose in the field.

Trail cam’s are in our woods, to see what we see. Squirrel loves to show off. The sneaky fox walks by, looking right at the camera! Ms. Doe and Mr. Buck were back and forth several times. The Too Late Coyotes rushed by. A cute little animal that looked like a hedgehog, and a playful rabbit. The neighbor’s large farm dogs racing around to get a nose full of smells.

Riding out to check our trail camera’s Christmas night!

We also had two times when our faces held a question. That looked like a wolf, and who are those two people walking by?

There are a lot of broken old windows, watering tubs, bricks, and piles of mess. Things that need to be repurposed or hauled off.

But, what fun when the woods hold laughter and imagination! The grandkids creating a fantasy world of giants and pirates and fairies. Standing among the tall trees when the stars are peeking out. Discovering the home of rabbit. Little creatures hurriedly scurrying about. Swinging in the wooden swing. Collecting treasures in a bag, or reading a book, enjoying nature growing all about!

With my fingers crossed, I hope winter will stay mild because I am truly enjoying wandering about in my muddy shoes. Spying little flowers green stems appearing, seeing the deer prints around the oak trees, and waiting for spring.

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