Walking around our new home, I noticed signs of plants trying to get my attention. I love to plant flowers in pots and have them outside during spring and summer.

Taking photos of each plant, I remembered our daughter had told me about an app you can have on your phone to help you identify them. I chose Plant Identification. Going through each plant and saving the results was fun, but I knew it would be nice to have help.

Tomorrow we will meet with our Horticulture Extension Agent. He is most excited to see the farm, discuss our plants, and Microgreen and Aquaponic plans for everything we want to grow and sell. Plans to talk to local Chefs, Restaurant Managers, Grocery Stores, People that have a daily life of smoothies, wraps, and salads. Promoting our New O’Hana Farm by bringing in samples of Sunflower, Arugula, Radish Sprouts, Pea Shoots…

I will have gardens that attract bees, butterflies, and wildlife. Herb and spices. Morning Glory. Clematis. Roses. Niche plants and fruits for our region that we will be excited to reveal.

Plus, our Charolais cows, goats, chickens, specialty ducks and peacocks. Our new English Bulldog, Daisy, and her sister, Blue Heeler, Oreo, our huge family and friends, we say thank you so much for praying for us and encouraging us to keep believing in our dreams :)Jen

Bring Your Camera

At our new farm, and since it has sat silent for a few years, animals other than livestock are in the barn, digging under the outbuildings, and camping out in our attic. The mice and rats come in for a visit and the ratsnake comes for supper.

So, let me share my weakness or weakness’s.

  • I am scared of snakes.
  • I can not be running away, screaming, to get a great pic of the snake for you. I truly apologize, because I know a large part of my family and you, would love to see them as we begin clearing and rejuvenating this farm.

That being shared, I have made a note to always bring my phone and our GoPro:Check us out at http://New O’Hana Farm Youtube to see our first 3 videos and subscribe. Thank you!

  • I could have taken pics and a video of the beautiful bright yellow and black spider that was as big as my palm.
  • The mud daubers coming out of the huge tree by our red barn.
  • The sun that was brilliant at 96+ degrees.
  • But, not the green and brown, (I guess it was a ratsnake) slithering out the other side of our barn.

I am a picture girl. I love to grab my phone and before I know it, I have several hundred pics. When you visit, bring your camera, too. May I do my best to take pics, videos for our youtube, and blog so all ya’ll can enjoy like you are right here with us! :)Jen