First Things First

Meet with our Extension Agent. Being hard workers, we were tempted to go out and start repairing the barn an all of our outbuildings. We realized pretty quick we needed a plan. A list of things to do first.

We began learning everything we could about being a Microgreen and Aquaponics Farmer. Books from our local library and Google gave helpful information, illustrations and definitions. Youtube videos from Curtis Stone and Justin Rhodes were very helpful.

We want to be able to explain to someone what our farm will produce, how, and when.

We put ourselves through a crash course on Financial Analysis:

  • Income and Operating Expenses
  • Future Growth
  • Current Finances
  • Forecast Future

Marketing Strategy and Plan:

  • Microgreen
  • Aquaponics
  • Livestock
  • Social Media, Farmers’ Markets, Fairs, Website, Churches, Girl & Boy Scouts, Non-Profit Organizations
  • Use Videos & Website to grow value and awareness


  • My husband & I

Farm Strategy:

  • Microgreens & Aquaponics-How far out can we serve?
  • Livestock to raise & sell
  • We are hard working
  • Persistent
  • Faith in the Lord
  • Not shy to ask for guidance
  • Large Family & Friends support
  • Taxes
  • License

Putting time in to doing our very best, we will succeed. This home and farm is a blessing from the Lord up above. We will forever remember the family photos that were left at the house of the couple who started this farm. But that is a story for another time to gratefully share. Perhaps they sent that rainbow down from heaven that we saw when we first looked at the farm with our realtor :)Jen

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